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There’s more to life than work.

I grew up on Florida's Space Coast, and literally had rocket scientists for teachers in elementary school. This helped launch (pun intended) my lifelong love of learning. I graduated high school early, taking my freshman year college courses in what would have been my senior year of high school. The following fall I was taking my classes in Germany, learning conversational German as I went.

I had begun traveling and exploring as a hobby in my mid-teens, and have covered most of the United States and Canada for both work and pleasure. London (and all Great Britain) is a second home to me, and we’ve made wonderful life-long friends there. In addition, I've trekked around Mexico, Germany, France, Belgium and Liechtenstein. Still much of the world to conquer!

I discovered mountain and trail biking in 2008, and began the 'NJ Off-Road Biking’ blog on in 2009 featuring my adventures with Betty, my bike. A family-friendly news and information guide to bicycling in New Jersey and the places New Jersians travel to, I highlighted trails and new bicycling products, and profiled various bicycling and pedestrian safety organizations as well as charity events.

Travel begets a love of photography, and I'm proud that several of my photographs have been featured in publications both here in the US and internationally. You can see some examples in my portfolio.

With travel, discovering new cuisines and the best of the local mom-and-pop restaurants is a great side benefit. Hiking, writing, reading, gardening, sewing, and general crafting round out some of my other hobbies. There’s always something new to try out!